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Article: The Sky is the Limit

Written by Hazzle Edosada

The Sky is the Limit

Being our best self doesn’t always come easy. Often times it may be that we are our biggest critic. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is our mentality when it comes to moving forward with the intention to upgrade our lives. What thoughts can we remind ourselves when a challenge stumbles upon our path? We hope that these simple reminders can put you back on track to striving for your goals, dreams, and desires. Go get ‘em, tiger! The Sky’s the limit and we’re rooting for you!

5 Ways to rise above self-destruction when it comes to pursuing your goals: 

  1. Mistakes are lessons Remember that mistakes aren’t failures, but they are lessons learned. Dwelling in the past mistakes can be detrimental to your growth and future. We can’t stay stuck and replay every single error that was made. Let’s try to organize those thoughts into constructive criticism on how we can improve next time. 
  2. Discipline is key. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Create a plan with actionable items that you can do to achieve your goals. There will be many times that you might not always be motivated, but it’s what you do in those precise moments that will make a huge impact in the future because every detail counts. It’s not realistic to be motivated all the time. Sometimes we have to work through those unmotivated moments. Write down with a pen and paper your goals and the action plan to follow with specific date deadlines so that you can keep yourself accountable.
  3. Trying is better than never trying Over planning can be a dream killer because this can influence you to believe that the “time isn’t right.” Sometimes you just have to get started to get the ball rolling. Things aren’t ever going to be perfect all the time and every accomplished person has started at ground zero. Enjoy the journey and the process from start to finish. And to add, who wants to live in regret if we never tried to go after what we want?
  4. The comeback is always bigger than the setback Often times you can fall back and stumble, but it’s not always going to be an easy ride to your dreams and goals. This is where we must remind ourselves that the comeback will always be bigger and better than the setback. It’s how you move going forward that will put you back on track to obtaining your goals.
  5. Give yourself grace It’s often times easier to talk down on yourself when we tend to become our own biggest critic. Why is it easier comforting others instead of comforting ourself? Maybe it might be because you’re an overachiever who may tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform your best at all times. Perfection is self destruction and it is unrealistic. We must give ourselves grace because we should treat ourselves how we would treat others, with compassion and grace. You’re doing amazing and sometimes we all just need a little bit of a reminder. 


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At LiCi we strive to be our greatest selves. We firmly believe that it definitely takes a strong community to build together when it comes to going after our dreams and goals. In what ways have you overcome your challenges when it comes to beating self-destruction?


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