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Article: Is the saying, ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ Real?

Written by Hazzle Edosada

Is the saying, ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ Real?

Can what you wear really affect your mood and performance? Ever heard of that saying, “When you look good, you feel good?” What’s the science behind it and is it really true? According to it boils down to two things: enclothed cognition and self-efficacy.

“Enclothed cognition is the influence that clothing — what you are wearing or what someone else may be wearing — has on a person’s emotions.” Essentially, it means that when you’re wearing something you’re proud of, you tend to have a little pep in your step. Whereas, self-efficacy can refer to feeling confident to perform at a high level. For example, wearing your “lucky underwear” or whatever you deem to be your good luck charm influences you to perform better and work harder. What you wear can affect your confidence level, emotions, and mood.

Clothing style can impact your mood, but did you know that the colors you wear can also affect your mood? Marisa Rose Defilippo shares in her “Look Good, Feel Good” article that the following colors can amplify certain moods, such as the following: 

  • Red clothing: positive feelings, suggests power, passion, and romance
  • Yellow clothing: happy, cheery, and promotes creativity
  • Blue clothing: relaxing and calming
  • Black clothing: promotes a more serious and professional look and attitude
  • Purple clothing: fosters a more sophisticated look
  • Green clothing: calming and stress relieving

I personally did not realize the colors of your clothing could make all the difference, but when wearing LiCi Fit’s bright and colorful patterns, I did notice an immediate shift in my mood in that I am more cheerful and confident. All in all, I have also experienced a better performance in the gym when working out in LiCi Fit. 

With that said, in what ways has wearing LiCi Fit affected you in your day to day activities? Which LiCi Fit collection has made the most impact on your mood and performance?





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