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About LiCi Fit

Welcome to LiCi Fit!  We’re excited that you’ve found us and want to find out more.

At LiCi Fit, we believe that women deserve to have excellent fit, quality, and style in their fitness wear – all at an affordable price.  We were tired of buying those overpriced leggings that didn’t fit the way we wanted, fell apart after a couple sessions at the gym, or looked just plain ugly. We were spending hundreds of dollars purchasing so many different leggings, only to have them get tailored to fit properly. We turned our frustration into inspiration and we decided to make it ourselves.

Using our backgrounds in fashion and fitness, we created LiCi Fit.  Our clothes are designed to encourage self-confidence and spark drive in women who aren’t afraid to stand out.  We love the way our LiCi Fit clothing makes us feel good and look good at the gym, and we want to give other women that exact same feeling of empowerment.  We’ve looked at thousands of designs and tried on countless types of materials from different sources across the world.  With LiCi Fit, we promise you’re only getting the best in our highly curated collections.

Try them on – we think you’ll see and feel the difference!


How did they choose the name “LiCi”?

“LiCi” is a combination of the first names of the two female founders, Liz and Cinee. They met when Cinee first moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and instantly became best friends. LiCi has been a passion project for them driven by their love of fashion, fitness, and an unbreakable bond. The LiCi brand was only made possible through the encouragement and support they provided each other – and we hope we inspire other women to do the same! 


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