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Article: Creating Your Best LiCi Halloween Costume

Written by Liz Holtz

Creating Your Best LiCi Halloween Costume

It should come to no surprise that the LiCi Team loves to do it up during this season. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to think about some costume inspiration. Whether you’re a planner or procrastinator, this one is for you. 

Here are a couple of our favorite costumes that you can use with LiCi Fit.

  1. Sassy Kitten - Pair your Fierce Racer Back Legging Jumpsuit with cat ears, a tail, and black knee-high heeled boots and you’re set for a night out this Halloween. If you want to add to the look, use some black liner pencil to draw on a cute button nose and whiskers for the full glam kitten look. It’s as simple and easy as it gets to achieve the purrrrfect sassy kitten. Let the jumpsuit speak for itself.
  2. Barbie Cowgirl - Be the most fashionable Barbie Cowgirl with LiCi Fit’s Love Bite set in the Classic One Shoulder Bra and Pocket Legging. For this inspiration we went for the ivory cowboy hat, fringe vest, and cowboy boots. Of course, can’t forget a pink bandana to go with.
  3. Happy Hippie - This costume inspiration also has a fringe vest, but it is paired with fringe knee-high boots to match! The LiCi featured in this costume inspiration included the Glow regular bra and regular short. This happy hippie costume is another simple ‘fit that you can probaby reuse at the next music festival you plan on attending. We love a multi-purpose groovy outfit!
  4. Vampire Vixen - Grab your fangs and some fake blood to create the perfect vampire costume. Our newest Black Lace Up Legging Jumpsuit is the perfection addition to your wardrobe. The jumpsuit comes from our newest “Lifestyle Edit” Collection and its versatility make it a winner. Dressing it up as a vampire is only one idea to dress it up as, but there are endless of other options you can choose.
  5. Mighty Mouse - Another costume featuring our new Grey Lace Up Legging Jumpsuit from “The Lifestyle Edit” Collection is the mighty mouse. We’re not an ordinary mouse, but we keep it cute and bubbly. The Grey Lace Up Legging is another versatile must-have piece in your closet.
  6. Fairy Angel - Use the Elevate set in the Long Sleeve Crop Top and High Waist Scrunch Legging with some wings, a wand, and face jewel to channel the inner Goddess Fairy within you. There’s no doubt you’ll be show stoppin’.
  7. Magical Unicorn - If you’re into brighter colors, grab a teal and purple wig, throw on the Cobra Long Sleeve Crop Top and High Waist Scrunch Legging, pair it with your knee-high silver heeled boots, and a unicorn headband. This one will definitely set you apart from the crowd.