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LiCi Resistance Bands 2 Pack

Sale price$20.00
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These premiere booty bands to help you take your booty workouts to the next level. These high-quality bands are comfortable, and non-slip. Say goodbye to the days of constantly having to pull up your booty bands, because with our gripping, durable design, these bands will stay put no matter how hard you workout.
The 1” band is more designed to go around your lower legs while the thicker 1 1/2” band goes around your thighs. Perfect for preforming kickbacks, monster walks, glute bridges and even add them to your favorite cardio exercise.
  • Lift and Shape your booty with these amazing bands. Resistance level is from 30-45 lbs of resistance perfect for any workout or any fitness level. 
  • Made 4x thicker so they will not roll or slide on your thighs and last for years.
  • Number 1 bands used by Professionals for their strength and durability.
  • Comes with 2 resistance bands
  • 1” band- 30 lbs 
  • 1.5” band- 45 lbs
LiCi Resistance Bands 2 Pack
LiCi Resistance Bands 2 Pack Sale price$20.00