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About LiCi Fit

 Hi, babes! 

Welcome to LiCi Fit! We’re excited that you’ve found us and want to find out more! We’re Liz and Cinee, the founders and owners of LiCi Fit based in Los Angeles!

LiCi Fit was founded in 2017. Like so many other brands, ours started out of necessity.

Being personal trainers and heavily involved in the fitness industry ourselves, we felt like something was missing from women's fitness apparel.. We were obsessed with matching sets, but couldn’t find any that had both a cute fit and the perfect print. 

We literally couldn’t find gym wear that was fun and different yet featured a flattering fit to hug the curves all of us women work so hard for. 

We spent hundreds of dollars on other brands - only to have them tailored to fit properly!

Our frustration turned into inspiration to create our own line of fitness apparel that women could wear both in and out of the gym. 

So, in 2016, we started working on what would become LiCi (a combination of our names - Liz and Cinee). 

We researched designers, manufacturers and most importantly - FABRIC - that matched our vision. With the help of numerous friends in photography, graphic design, and marketing - we officially launched the first LiCi Fit website and collection in December 2017. 

 Between living in LA and starting a business, it was just not an option to get an office space. So, we did what any scrappy new business owners/roommates would do - we used our apartment as our office space. 

Our kitchen became the main office space - with bins packed with leggings and sports bras stacked from floor to ceiling, label maker and printer on the kitchen table and orders ready to be shipped scattered on the living room floor.

Fast forward just 6 months and we were already outgrowing our kitchen space. So, we converted the second bedroom into our office and showroom in Studio City. 

The two of us put on a different hat every hour, no joke! We are clothing designers, packers, shippers, customer service agents, content creators, and we even use ourselves and our girlfriends as models! 

We are a true two woman show. 

Each and every one of our packages is personalized with a hand-written thank you note by us expressing our gratitude and appreciation for our customers. 

Like any new business, there are some not-so-easy times but there is nothing in the world we would rather be doing. We learn something new everyday and are constantly humbled by the challenges of running a small business. 

The result of our hard work and fierce dedication is an affordable product that women can feel confident in at any shape or size. 

We are ALL about inspiring women to encourage and support one another. 

LiCi Fit is more than just an activewear brand- it’s a chance to help women around the world feel comfortable in their own skin while they work hard to achieve their goals and THAT means everything to us. YOU babes keep us going. 

We want the community of women we are bringing together to feel like they are a part of something special… because they are!  

These women are not just friends - they’re family.